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About Audience Response Systems (ARS)

Empower Your Audience with Keypad Voting

The experiences and expectations of your attendees are about to come together.
Whether you're hosting a meeting, television game show or an entertainment event, Quick Tally® can turn it into a more interesting and productive interactive event. There are unexpected benefits and powerful solutions that are unobtainable without the anonymity and speed of an ARS system. By empowering event attendees to express their opinions, by changing verbal into visual language, it is possible to create ownership, buy-in and open the door to change.

There are non-threatening and subtle techniques that force participants to internally challenge the difference between their perception and reality and break through barriers to change.

Create + Measure Satisfaction

Yes, it is possible to both create and measure satisfaction — at the same time.

This is a wonderful automatic benefit of using an audience response system at a meeting of any kind.

This is so basic and simple that it is almost always overlooked. The very act of empowering event attendees to voice their opinions by using an audience response system creates satisfaction. It is the happy benefit, intended or unintended, that is created by exhibiting respect and concern for the events participant’s feelings and opinions. It is ironic that while managements intended use of the response system may be for some other specific purpose, the feeling of inclusion in the decision making process is often of greater long term value. This is equally true for employees, customers and association members. It is common to hear people leaving the session saying that in the many years they have worked for the company, or been a customer that no one ever seriously asked for, or cared about their opinion. What is creating that feeling worth?

This works at large employee and client events as well as at small board meetings. We often advise management — and often the CEO to champion a listening/caring theme. It is important to decide in advance how open and interactive the session(s) will be and to actually tell the attendees that the ARS is in place to empower their participation. The only caveat is that the culture is such that great ideas and insights can be openly shared and become the catalyst for change.

The Metrics Are Easy

The Quick Tally® system is designed to conduct business and then measure the progress.

Evaluation of the session or the event is possible in a simple positively worded question.

Simply ask: On a scale of 1-10, rate the value of this session, or ask, Which session was the most valuable to you? Quick Tally® has asked this question at events for over twenty years. The session, or sessions during the event that honored the intelligence of the audience always rated among the highest of the event.

This is the simplest and possibly the only way to both create and measure satisfaction, and its not going to happen without the speed and anonymity of an audience response system.

Beat Your Competition To Market

Everyone's looking for an edge, in this economy. By having an interactive event, you'll be able to gauge your client’s response in seconds – not months. Information and timing are always critical. Bringing any group together and empowering them to anonymously voice their opinions about products and services brings much more truthful responses than raising hands in public and results are available in an instant.