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Quick Tally Consulting

Tailored to Your Individual Audience Response Needs

The Power of ARS is in Your Hands - Literally
Audience response can assist your organization with more than just interactive presentations. No matter which ARS providers technology you own or use, make the most out of your equipment investment. Produce real, definable results with the help of our consulting services. With 30 years of ARS experience, Quick Tally® Interactive Systems will allow organizations to explore the full potential of audience response.
Enlist our team of consultants to introduce new applications and programs centered around the use of proven, reliable response technology. Provide the tools for your teams to innovate, learn and collaborate in exciting new ways - all while gathering powerful data to impact business and contribute to your bottom-line. Use audience response frequently, successfully and in combination with organizational goals. Experience audience response with maximum return-on-investment and value to your enterprise.
Sample Content and Template Design
  • Diversity Training
  • Ethics Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Change Management Consulting
  • Driving Change at the Leadership Level
Strategies to Expand Success in
Your Organization
  • Expanding awareness within departments, units, businesses
  • Prioritizing business strategies and tactics
  • Developing internal process mentors
  • Developing and testing business cases for new ARS programs
Process Improvement,
Redesign and ROI Improvement
  • SCOPE assessment of current methods and practice
  • Gap analysis and action planning for improvement opportunity
  • Revising existing programs to strengthen
New Program Implementation
  • New event and meeting design services
  • Implementation roadmap and program management
  • Data and metrics to measure and evaluate success
  • Leadership coaching, train-the-trainer, or consultant delivered programs
  • Creativity Workshops
Coach & Mentor Relationships
  • One-on-one coaching and session observations
  • Recommendations on process improvements
  • Skills development of ARS session execution
Virtual Meeting Tools
  • Building interactivity in the virtual meeting space
  • Do's and don'ts, best practices of virtual collaboration tools
  • Fostering inclusion globally
Benchmarking Workshops
  • Best practice workshops
  • Idea generation sessions for leadership teams