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Software Download

The latest version of TurningPoint consolidates the company's most popular products into one, simple interface for polling in PowerPoint, polling in any application and self-paced polling.

Software is translated for English, Spanish, French and German.

As part of the training kit, Quick Tally will send you a Flash Drive containing the software. The appropriate Turning Technologies software may also download from the options below.

Quick Start Guide

Download Options Size (MB) Download
QuickStartGuide v5 2018 2.6 Download

Software Download

TP Version 5 It is compatible with practically all modern computers: Windows XP, Vista 7&8, Office 03, 07, 10 and 13. If you are using Office 16, or a newer Mac, we will send you a link to the compatible software.

Download Options Release Date Version Size (MB) Notes Download
PC - TP 5 - Install Version 09/22/2015 61.4 PDF Download
PC - TP 5 - No Install Version 09/22/2015 5.4.1 73.7 PDF Download
Please contact Quick Tally directly at alanw@quicktally.com.

Software Download - Legacy Version

Download Options Version Size (MB) Download
PC - TP 4 4.5.1 17.5 Download



If you would like to get a jump start on the WebEx training provided by appointment with Quick Tally, please watch this Turning Technology tutorial video.